M.S. Real Estate Development

The Real Estate Development program’s expanded three-semester curriculum combines the fundamental skills of professional real estate with a holistic approach to urban development as a creative act. Graduates receive a Master of Science of Real Estate Development (MS.RED) in an intensive calendar year spanning from May to May. Cross-disciplinary electives draw on the program’s access to the extraordinary offerings of GSAPP and Columbia at large, while required coursework immerses students in the three core tenets of urban real estate development: the financial, the physical, and the legal, arming students with the full range of professional and intellectual skills needed to tackle the complex demands of global urban real estate development.

Intensive Summer Semester

The introduction to the program begins with immersion in real estate finance, construction technology, market analytics, and other foundational subjects. Electives are limited to allow students with diverse background experiences to build essential financial, graphic, and analytical competencies.

Expansive Fall Semester

While core skills continue to be developed—particularly in finance, history of development, and real estate law—students are given significant elective opportunities to broaden their theoretical and applied skill sets by concentrating on the unique finance or design course tracks available only at Columbia.

Integrated Spring Semester

With a central focus on capstone projects, complex financial and economic modeling, and public policy, students bring together a cross-disciplinary portfolio of independent and supervised research and coursework, graduating with a holistic professional foundation.

Current Faculty
Mitchell Adelstein
Nathalia Bernardo
Shuprotim Bhaumik
Frank Gallinelli
William Heishman
Roger Nussenblatt
Roy R. Pachecano
Eduard Sancho Pou
Margaret Streicker-Porres
Jamie Von Klemperer
Robert Wertheimer

Summer 2017 Courses

Course Semester Title Student Work Instructor Syllabus Requirements & Sequence Location & Time Session & Points Call No.
P6798‑1 Summer 2017
Legal Principles of Real Estate
Mitchell Nelson Elective
200 Fayerweather
TU & F 9 AM - 11 AM
6/6, 6/9, 6/13, 6/16, 6/20, 6/23
1.5 Points
Pla4310‑1 Summer 2017
Real Estate Finance I
Patrice Derrington
113 Avery Hall
M 9 AM-11 AM
3 Points
Pla6214‑1 Summer 2017
Real Estate Investment Analysis
Frank Gallinelli
113 Avery Hall
Tu 1 PM - 3 PM
1.5 Points
Pla6244‑1 Summer 2017
In the Field
Robert Garneau
200 Fayerweather
W 2 PM-4 PM
1.5 Points
Pla6352‑1 Summer 2017
Market Analysis
Ryan LeVasseur, Shuprotim Bhaumik Lecture
113 Avery Hall
TU 2 PM- 4 PM
3 Points
Pla6357‑1 Summer 2017
Construction Management and Technology
Robert Sanna
113 Avery Hall
Th 6 PM - 8 PM
Full Semester
3 Points
Pla6360‑1 Summer 2017
Development Analysis: Urban Planning
Kate Ascher Lecture
113 Avery Hall
Th 12 PM-2 PM
1.5 Points
Pla6368‑1 Summer 2017
Pre-Development Analysis
Kate Ascher Elective
200 Fayerweather
4 PM- 6 PM, TH
F- 5/31-6/30
1.5 Points
Pla6376‑1 Summer 2017
The Dealmaking Process
Mitchell Adelstein
113 Avery
M 4 PM -6 PM
1.5 Points
Pla6378‑1 Summer 2017
Studio: The Art of the RFP Response
Brian Loughlin Desk Crits/Office Hours
200 Fayerweather
W 6 PM - 8 PM
1.5 Points
Pla6378‑2 Summer 2017
Studio: The Art of the RFP Response
Brian Loughlin Software Tutorials
6 PM- 8 PM TU
Pla6769‑1 Summer 2017
The Architecture of Development
Brooks McDaniel
113 Avery
W 7 PM - 9 PM
1.5 Points
Pla6781‑1 Summer 2017
Real Estate Managerial Finance and Accounting
Stephen Pearlman
200 Fayerweather
W 11 AM - 1 PM
1.5 Points
Pla6793‑1 Summer 2017
The Business of Development
Shai Shamir
113 Avery
W 9 AM - 11 AM
5/31, 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 7/12, 7/19
1.5 Points
Pla6797‑1 Summer 2017
Real Estate Economics and Market Metrics
Pamela Hannigan
113 Avery
TU 11 AM - 1 PM
Full Semester
3 Points
M.S. RED student Samuel Oketcho at the Fall 2016 ULI Conference in Dallas
The ULI Fall Meeting attracts more than 6,000 attendees annually, bringing together every sector of the real estate industry in one place. Columbia GSAPP's M.S. RED students attended the Fall 2016 meeting in Dallas in full force, where student Samuel Oketcho was interview by ULI on his takeaways from the conference.